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F.I.R Filed Against Indian Idol Contestant Singer Soumya Chakraborty



FIR Filed Against Indian Idol Contestant Singer Soumya Chakraborty

FIR Filed Against Indian Idol Contestant Singer Soumya Chakraborty: Soumya Chakraborty was a resident of Bankura, WestBengal. He went to Indian Idol in 2018, three years after becoming the champion of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Now the serious allegations against the famous singer. In essence, Suegampa won the childhood boyfriend and boyfriend Ruposa married Sougamapa Soumya They live in Kolkata. They have a daughter of two-year-old children. 

The rumors of rivalry against the reality show Saregamappa singer Soumya Chakravarty risen. A student of Rabindra Bharati filed a complaint alleging rape against Soumya. Police arrested Kashishpur Police Station on Sunday after the rape case FIR lodged. The girl was called home with cold drinks, and she was accused of rape after sleeping medicine. Soumya accused and His mother and Uncle runaway Police are looking for them to arrest them.

The complainant’s house in Howrah and She was Studying about Tagore’s music, last year, the talk mellowed and the girl’s As the friendship was dark, Soumya‘s mother invited him one day. After taking food, after taking the girl to her house, she took a sleeping medicine with cold drinks and raped the girl while being an unknowable singer. She also accused of threatening to make an objectionable picture by taking objectionable images, was also seen against Soumya. However, in April, the case was filed against the singer in Kashipur Police Station.

In 2015 Soumya was the champion of G Bangla Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. The singer got upset against rape. The girl complained to the police that she was raped and taken home. Although the young woman is known to her before, it is still not clear.

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