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10 Most Memorable Famous Speech of Narendra Modi



famous speech of narendra modi

Narendra Modi is 15th prime minister of Independence India. Who was an very powerful Speaker. Watch 10 Most Memorable Famous Speech of Narendra Modi In Hindi. Which include narendra modi speech in Hindi for students, narendra modi speech in Hindi.

We can see him to speak about Indian poor people development, Swatch Bharat, Women empowerment  and Manny more Indian Sensitive Issue. Modi Ji’s Every speech is different and unique , is rich in vision and is loaded with a several anecdotes of the past. This why people was attracted by his speech.

Famous Speech of Narendra Modi :

1. Historic speech of Shri Narendra Modi in your own language

2. Aaj Tak News Today of Narendra Modi Speech in Hindi 2016.

Best India TV Prgram of Aaj Tak News today. We are Proud to Say That Our Prime Minister of Narendra Modi is Good Human.

3. PM Modi’s speech at interaction with students on stress free examinations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at interaction with students at Talkatora Stadium where he shared several mantras for stress free examinations

4. PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day Speech on August 15, 2017

PM Modi giving speech without seeing speech from any paper or sheet. And a long time

5.PM Modi’s Speech on India-Russia Business Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at the India-Russia Business Summit on October 5, 2018. PM Modi said the trade between the two nations has risen 20 per cent in 2017-18.

6. PM Narendra Modi’s speech from Red Fort on 72nd Independence Day-15 August 2018

PM Shri Narendra Modi’s speech from the ramparts of Red Fort on 72nd Independence Day – 15 August 2018

7. Narendra Modi vs Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha

Watch this special segment and checkout the ‘clash of words’ between Prime Minister and Rahul Gandhi. Also, catch the witty answers given by PM Modi to the allegations and criticism of oppositions in Lok Sabha sarcastically

8. PM Narendra Modi’s Speech At BJP Parliamentary Meet

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed his party members in a parliamentary meet. Senior BJP leaders including Home Minister Rajnath Singh, party chief Amit Shah and Parliamentary affairs minister Ananth Kumar are present at the meet. The meeting comes at the crucial juncture of the the last day of Parliament’s Winter session this year. This year’s winter session saw opposition and government lock horns over implementation of demonetisation policy, announced by PM Modi on November 8. This is Most famous speech of narendra modi.

9. Addressing farmers & inaugurates Amul unit, Gujarat

10. PM Modi Unleashes Powerful Speech Ahead Of 2019 Elections

n his fifth Independence Day speech as Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi unleashed a powerful speech, graced with poetic one-liners yet taking jabs at the opposition mostly the Congress party. From describing the schemes of his government to envisioning a new India

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