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How To Control Who Can Add You To A WhatsApp Group



Facebook’s Sister Company Whatsapp trying To stop spam From long time. They Bring a many feature to controlling Fake News. Now they came with a Feature, where you can Control Who Can Add You To A WhatsApp Group. 

In The Wednesday, Whatsapp has announced that it is rolling out a new privacy setting that will help you decide who can add you to groups, preventing spam additions that have been a pain point for many users. The instant messaging app is bringing an invite system for groups to essentially give users the choice of joining the group. The new update is vital considering the forthcoming election season in India that has pushed many political parties to use instant messaging apps and social media networks as a major source to influence the public.

How to Control Who Can Add You To A WhatsApp Group:-

The option to manage this feature is tucked inside the Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups menu. There you will see three more options – ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’, and ‘Nobody’. Selecting ‘Everyone’ will let everyone with your WhatsApp number add you to a group. The ‘My contacts’ option will limit the option to people whose numbers are already saved in your contacts. And, choosing the ‘Nobody’ option will prevent everyone from adding you to a group.

Control Who Can Add You To A WhatsApp Group

The Controls of Who Can Add You To A WhatsApp Group

Those People who cannot add you to a group will be able to send you a private invitation to join a group. You will then have 72 hours to accept the invitation after which the invite will expire.

This feature is rolling out to the users on the latest version of WhatsApp, and it will reach everyone around the globe in the coming weeks.

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