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How To Take A Full Body Selfie (Pro Tips)



How To Take A Full Body Selfie

In Nowdays, Selfie is most trend that Everyone use. So, we will discuss here some Pro Tips on how to take a full body selfie by yourself. Full Body Selfie is unique style, you can get much more attention by it o your social medias.

You can take a full body selfie by a Mirror or a long Selfie stick but we will discus some pro tips on it. People are take selfie on their face by their phones. We consult with many selfies expert to write this article most of them are very professional to do that.

How To Take A Full Body Selfie :

By Standing Position: It is mostly depends on your standing positions, if you standing alone with camera in a large position then you can’t take that. You Should Stand very short of space with out spreading your arms. Take your camera hand up to your face then click that.

How To Take A Full Body Selfie

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Orientation of Camera:  We might thinking about which orientation is better for take selfie perfectly. Portrait mode is no doubt is a better option to take good selfies. But in the case of Full Body Selfie is not a good option for you, You might hold the camera in landscape orientation to take better it. When you take a full selfie, it will a huge length then you should consider on size of image in all round.

Using of A Mirror: Mirror Selfie is a different thing But you can use it here. Stand a side of a mirror and hold the camera from little upper from your chest, Then click it. You might have to consider on light for shadows. Light is a very important things for selfie or picture. In the case of mirror it may reflate more. You can use a light from sling.

Wide Angle Camera Apps: There are many apps available in App store That will Help you to take some wide angle picture. You can also use of them here to do this work. But you may have to use back camera instead of front camera. Which also help you to shoot from short distance.

By siting on a chair: You can take it by sheeting on a chair. Hold the camera up in 65 Degree from you body then just click it.

Using of a long Selfie Stick: You can also use a long selfie stick to take the selfie from any position. Use might Use Instagram  filter for better ex poser to the selfie it might good enough and Better option to do.

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