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Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India



Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India : Brandy is among the favorite drinks. Brandy generally contains 35–60% alcohol. So today we are discuss about Best Brandy Brands. Brandy is a distinct and classic liquor made by distilling wine. There are many brandy types, but which one is the best. Hear the list of the Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India.

Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India

10. John Exshaw

Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India

This brandy is made in France. The texture of it is aromatic and it makes the person feel on the top when it takes them due to the richness of the fruit-flavor. This is the reason it is so much osn the demand during the parties, events and functions. It is one of the finest brandy known in the world and is used often for the parties. It is being imported all over the world to have them. It is one of the top class brands and is highly sold among all. Cost around Rs 295 for a bottle of 750ml.

9. Golden Grape

Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India

This is a liquor with an uncommon mix of kind of organic products which had made the brand most loved of all the age gatherings and sexual orientation. It is being preferred by everybody in the gatherings for its diverse surface and taste. The essence of the organic products is essentially incredible and makes it all the more speaking to have it. One couldn’t hold oneself subsequent to having one glass of it. It is a standout amongst the most reasonable and fine alcohol to serve on the gatherings. This liquor is made subsequent to doing the best possible maturing of it which makes it better for its darlings. Its 750 ml bottle cost around Rs 250.

8. Courvoisier

Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India

This brandy is of the Beam Suntory Group. The French mark which lies on it, takesus back to the Napoleon time. The barrel on it is handcrafted from the best of the craftsmanship. It is being devoured by fluctuated clients of various age gathering and is known best for the festival parties because of its interesting style. It is being utilized as a part of media outlets to pop. For Rs 350 one can get around 750 ml.

7. Remy Martin

Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India

This is the French brand made on the location of Cognac which is known to be the heart of France. It is made from the high quality of grapes that are grown in the region of Cognac on its rich soil. The specialty of them is to keep them till they complete the age of 10 year and maximum up to the age of 37 years. It has the awesome taste. An awesome logo is there on its bottle with the golden color which is its uniqueness and shines to tell that it is the supreme of all. Cost around Rs 360 for 750 ml.

6. Hennessy

Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India

This is made by the organization Richard Hennessy. It is outstanding amongst other offering brands of Cognac. It has the rich mix of cognacs and after that arranged in a fine way. It is known to be the best part is that the Cognacs brand.It has the best of flavor which no other brand could beat. This brand is known everywhere throughout the world for its consistent notoriety and nature of taste from long time. This brand has its own particular real taste which no other brand could have. Its cost is Rs 380 for a container of 750ml.

5. Old Admiral

Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India

One of the best selling brandy brands in India is Old Admiral, which is the product of the New Delhi based manufacturing company called Radico Khaitan. The sales figure of this brand in 2010 crossed a whopping 2.99 million cases, which witnessed an increase of 65.2% since the previous year.

4. Honey Bee

Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India

Another mainstream liquor mark in India is Honey Bee, which has a place with an organization called United Spirits, which has its home office in Bangalore. The brand saw an exceptional offer of 4.37 million cases in 2010, which signified an expansion in the deals by 21.4% when contrasted with the earlier year. This implies there has been a significant impressive blast in the offer of this brand of cognac in the nation.

3. Dreher

Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India

With a sales figure of 2010 reaching up to an incredible 3.4 million cases, the Italian brand called Dreher features next on the list of top 10 best brandy brands in India. The production company which brings this brand is Gruppo Campari, which is based in Milan. It registered an overall growth of 1.4% in its sales since the year 2009. This is one of the Best Brandy Brands in India .

2. Mansion House Brandy

Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India

Highlighting next on the rundown of best 10 best cognac marks in India is the market pioneer called Mansion House Brandy, which has a place with an assembling organization called Tilaknagar Industries, which has its head quarters situated in Mumbai. The aggregate offer of this specific brand in India in the year 2010 achieved a figure of 5.38 million cases, which accounted to an expansion of 35.9 % in contrast with the business figure of the earlier year.

1. Mcdowell’s No 1

Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in India

The undisputed pioneer among the liquor marks in India is the brand called Mc Dowell’s No 1, which has its fortification in the Indian market since quite a while. A result of the Bangalore based organization called United Breweries, famously known as UB. The brand of cognac recorded an aggregate deal figure of 11.54 million cases in the year 2010. This adds up to an expansion of 25.2% in the business figure when contrasted and those of the earlier year. In fact speaking, Mc Dowell’s No 1 has as much as 51% of offer in the Indian market, making it the most mainstream liquor mark in the nation.

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