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Top 10 Secrets About Bigg Boss Every Fan Should Know



Top 10 Secrets About Bigg Boss 2

For the presents of Ninety plus camera on the show, Bigg boss fans know very much about Bigg Boss. But Here we cover Top 10 Secrets About Bigg Boss or bigg boss unknown facts.

Bigg Boss is now Top Indian Reality Show. For the controversy and the Shows host Salman Khan this show is getting popular day by day. This show had make career of some celebrities and also spoil some celebrities career. Unique task in the show increasing viewer attention. Fans are know almost all about Bigg Boss but there was lots of  bigg boss unknown facts. Lets See Them

Top 10 Secrets About Bigg Boss

Top 10 Secrets About Bigg Boss Every Fan Should Know:

The Famous Show Bigg Boss was inspired from the English Realty show Bigg Bothers. The first show of the franchise was Bigg Boss in Hindi which debuted in 2006. The franchise has extended its presence in Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Malayalam as of 2018. Though only celebrities were selected to be the housemates in the initial seasons, general public have been auditioned to be on the show in the latest seasons of Hindi, Kannada and Telugu versions of the show.

You all know the winner prize money is about 50 lakhs of the show but you guys did not know that every contestant get 8 Lakhs rupees for participate in the show and after completing two weeks every contestant get a weekly fees. this fees depends on their popularity. As a example of previous session  Shilpa Shinde Earn about 1.3 Core and not even winning the show Hina Khan Earn about 1.7 Core.

 bigg boss house secrets

If you are regular viewer of bigg boss then you must see there are lots glass around the house. The main reason for glasses there are the camera man who are sitting behind the glasses. Who are wait for some controversial footage.

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You can’t go in Bigg Boss with anything Like Mobile, Laptop, pad, Books, Magazine even Your Holly book. Because Show producers did not want you spend time with reading books, They did not want to lose their TRP.

There was did not have any single Clock in the whole bigg boss house. For why contestant can’t maintain regular Schedule. Some Time contestant lunch in afternoon.

If any contestant want to leave the show in middle then he had to be pay a Havy amount to Bigg Boss authority. The amount up to be 2 core

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You all are excited to know who is behind the Bigg Boss Voice. Atul Kapoor is the man behind the Bigg Boss Voice from Beginning.

Navjot Kaur Sidhu Had a record of staying without nominated for highest Days. There was had not any contestant of bigg Boss to break his record. it is not a Top 10 Secrets About Bigg Boss but it is memorable record. There was any personal reason for his elimination.

Every year in the Bigg Boss,  Popular celebrates had wildcard Entry. But there was any wild card entry cant be winner of the show.

Drinking is not allowed in the Bigg Boss house. Because after a time contestant are very angry on each other. They can do anything in Drank Satiation. But you can smoke in the Bigg Boss House.

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