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Top 15 Facts of India 2018 That Will Make You Proud



India Is the second-most populous country of the world. Indian are proud about their culture. We Discus about Top 15 Facts of India 2018.

India is one country Where you find many Society, Many religion, many language. It has 29 States and 7 union territories, for a total of 36 entities. Indian Constitution is the largest Constitution of the world. So, Here are the Top 15 Facts of India 2018 and Unknown Facts of India

Top 15 Facts of India 2018

Top 15 Facts of India 2018 That Will Make You Proud

We Should Proud about our Indian Law, Indian Culture also the Indian History. lets started Top 15 Facts of India 2018.

1. India Is the second-most populous country of the world.

It has around 1.133 Billion People Lives in India. And The Interesting Fact is they are from many religions like Hindu, Muslim, Christian,  Sikh, Buddhism, Jainism . And The Law and Constitution India has declared the right to freedom of religion to be a fundamental right.

2. India Army is the Third Largest and Powerful Army of The World

After China and USE, India now has the most powerful and Largest army team. The primary mission of the Indian Army is to ensure national security and national unity, defending the nation from external aggression and internal threats, and maintaining peace and security within its borders.

3. Indian’s are very talented according to their brain Power

38% Doctor Of USA are Indians, 12% Scientist of USA are Indians, 36% NASA Scientist are Indians, 34% Microsoft Employee are Indians, 28% IBM Employee  are Indians. You can find Indians are working in big companies Across The World.

4. The Famous Board game, Chess was invented in India

According to chess historians, chess is one of the oldest games in existence; it originated around the 6th century AD. In those times, The Indian Rajah (king) believed that war was the most effective school in which to learn the values of valour, decision-making, endurance,circumspection and bravery. Because of this, it is believed that war was chosen as the model for the game.

5. The Highest Cricket Ground In the world, Chail Cricket Ground Was In India

Chail Cricket Ground of Himachal Pradesh is World highest Cricket Stadium. The ground is surrounded by forest and is used as the school playground by Chail Military School. During school vacations it is also used for Polo.

6. The World famous and Priceless Diamond “Koh-i-Noor”, Was acquired from India

Koh-i-Nur, is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world, weighing 105.6 carats (21.12 g). It being ceded to Queen Victoria after the British conquest of the Punjab in 1849. Today, the diamond is on public display in the Jewel House at the Tower of London, where it is seen by millions of visitors each year.

7.  Yoga Was invented In India 5000 years Ago

Around 5000 Years ago India has gifted Yoga to whole world. Then another person stepped in, who is revered as ‘Father of Modern Yoga’, Patanjali Maharishi. He was also Indian.

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8. Shampooing is an Indian Innovation

Shampoo was invented in India, not the commercial liquid ones but the method by use of herbs.

9. India Produce largest number of milk Every Year

India recently overtook the European Union with production reaching over 132.4m tonnes in 2014.

10.  India was invented Sugar First

India was the first country to develop extraction and purifying techniques of sugar.

11. Diamond Was first mined in India

Diamond was first mined in India and the earliest known reference to diamond is found in Sanskrit manuscript, the Arthasastra. As a matter of fact, India was the predominant source for over 2,000 years, until the mid-eighteenth century.

12. The world’s first university, Takshashila which was started in India in 700 BC.

Taxila or Takshashila flourished between 600 BC and 500 AD, in the kingdom of Gandhar, in Ancient India, but now in Pakistan. 68 subjects were taught including Vedas, Grammar, Philosophy, astronomy, medicine, surgery, politics, archery warfare, music, commerce etc.

13. India was the richest country in the world on 17th Century

14. Vinod Dham, Inventor of Pentium Chip Who is an Indian

Vinod Dham Was Invented Pentium micro-processor. 90% of computers are run on it now days

15. Sobeer Bhatia,  created Hotmail, Who is an Indian

Sabeer Singh Bhatia is an Indian entrepreneur who founded the webmail company


I think You guys will feel Proud to be an Indian. Share this post in your social platform proudly. Thanks for reading, have a nice day

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