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See What Going To Happen in Earth in Next 10 Years



What Going To Happen in Earth in Next 10 Years: You all are know history about earth. You can find all the information about History of earth by searching on internet. But do you ever thanked What Going To Happen in Earth in Next 10 Years. Here, in the post will will discuss about that.

Scientist are researching on that from Many years. We can know What Going To Happen in Earth in Next 10 Years by their research.

In 2020:-

we know that Burj Khalifa is highest building of earth, which is located in Dubai. But in 2020, the constriction of Jeddah Tower will be completed. Which is located in Arab. Which will  to a height of at least 1,000 metres (3,281 ft). Know More

in this year Private Company Bigelow Aerospace will made a hotel in space for space tourism. They are already send a space Ship in 2017. Which is the part on international Space Station.

In 2024:-

Space-X Will launch a rocket to Mars. Which will Carry 100 mans to mars for Living there. in the year 2025 the total man in the earth bigger then 8 Billion, in 2050 it 10 will be 10 billion.

In 2026: –

The biggest Church of The world will be build Called Sagrada Família in Barcelona Will be comlpite. In 1882, construction of Sagrada Família started under architect Francisco de Paula del Villar.

What Going To Happen in Earth in Next 10 Years

Sagrada Família

The church is made from Stone, Visitor entrance fees of 15–20 euros ($17–22) finance the annual construction budget of 25 million euros ($28.38 million).

In 2028:

Its very sad that The Venice City will go to underwater. The water level of Sea will be increasing. For that reason Venice Will go to under water.

There will be hard to live in. This is the one of the most beautiful city of the earth.

In 2029:

On that year, Apophis Can be Hits Earth. it is an asteroid 26.99 billion kg in weight and much larger then empire state building.

If Apophis hits on earth, it will produce produce a force of more then 100 thousand Hiroshima bomb together.

We can easily imagine Some facts like Artificial Intelligence will be increasing in our machines.  We can get some Great devices to our daily life.

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